Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! Ghostbusters 2 NES Mini Review


Today, I’m taking a look back at a licensed game that’s gotten a bad rap over the years…Ghostbusters 2 on the NES. No, not the vastly superior HAL game that only PAL and JPN territories got. I’m talking the Activision published game that released in North America and PAL locations. While PAL territories got their pick of the ghouls when it came to Ghostbusters 2 based video games, we were left with only one option. But regardless, how does it fair all these years later? Is it really as bad as AVGN said it was? I take a further look and share my own odd nostalgia for Ghostbusters 2 on the NES!

This mini review was made possible thanks to the generosity of several donors for 2022’s Chrons and Colitis Foundtation charity stream. I ran a stream last year that allowed us to raise $300 in charity that went to a cause that I personally suffer from (as does my brother.) Huge thanks to Gaming4Guts to asking me to join in on the stream! This review was the reward for reaching out $300 goal. I hope you all enjoy!

Big thanks to Matt Creamer (Norrin Radd) for his intro music! Link to his awesome stuff here: raddlandstudios.com | http://twitch.tv/raddland | http://youtube.com/@raddland

Thanks as always to Paul Hallaway for his intro effects and Dexter Morrill for his thumbnail art!

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