Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! Jackal NES MINI REVIEW

I’m back today with a Patreon sponsored mini review. I’ve never really played much of Jackal but thanks to Patreon member Venthros, I gave it a shot. What hit me was the euphoric feeling of new nostalgia; rekindling an appreciation for the system I grew up on, proving it still had plenty to offer. Grab your keys and hop in, because this one is an extremely enjoyable ride!

Big thanks to Paul Hallaway for his intro effects and Matt Creamer (Norrin Radd) for his intro music! Check him out at: mattcreameraudio.bandcamp.com

Thanks to all patreon supporters but especially the morning star whip tier and up. They are: Sam Shafer, The8thSign, Scott Mcelhone, Venthros, GreatWhiteNorthPresents, Nintenjoe, Brice, Derek Demiter and Trevin Adams. Your continued support helps fund reviews like this one which would simply not be possible without the donations from patreon members. I appreciate each and every one of you for continuing to help me make the content that you want to see: classic goofy youtube video game reviews. If anyone is interested, just a dollar down gets you access to exclusive streams on discord, STRETCH GOALS LIKE Taco Bell food reviews each month, along with director’s cut commentary for episodes, a free sticker, regular updates on upcoming reviews and more! Check it out at www.patreon.com/dongled

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