Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! Metroid Zero Mission Review (GBA)



Celebrate Metroid’s 30th anniversary with Miketendo as he throws Samus a birthday party! Her gift, and yours, is a Metroid Zero Mission Review! Just don’t drink TOO much.

Thanks to Ed Wilson for co-directing and my wife Patti for doing voiceover for Samus once again!

Thank you to NESTROGEN for doing not only one but TWO remixes! Birthday remix and Metroid Zero Mission remix track by Nestrogen. Check out his work at www.soundcloud.com/nestrogen.

Thanks as always to Nickelpunk for his intro song, find him at www.nickelpunk.bandcamp.com and/or www.soundcloud.com/nickelpunk

Also thanks for a special intro effects this time around, provided as usual by Paul Hallaway!

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