Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! ROLLIE NES HOMEBREW REVIEW

Mike gets a visit from a furry friend supposedly from childhood who gets into mischief, but he makes up for it by providing a new homebrew game for the NES called ROLLIE. Is Rollie worth a spin on your ol’ Nintendo? What’s one of your favorite homebrew NES games or games in general? Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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This review was made possible by Octovania’s generous donation of a cartridge. No other payment was supplied. it’s my job as a reviewer to inform you of this, as a video game journalist.

Thanks as always to Justin Schneider for the multiplayer assistance and to Paul Hallway for Intro Effects and Retro Shred for his intro music. Support my bud Retro Shred on bandcamp! https://retroshred.bandcamp.com/

Thank you to the following Shout Out tier Patrons: Trevin Adams, Nintenjoe25, Super JES, Autistic Gamer 89.

More to come very soon for HALLOWEEN! ­čÖé

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