Dude, You Haven’t Played This Game?! – The Legacy of Sonia Belmont in Castlevania

Sonia Belmont is often considered one of the most unlucky of the Belmont clan. Between a retconned Game Boy game and an abandoned Dreamcast title, Sonia has been lost to time itself. This episode, we take a look at both Castlevania Legends and Castlevania Resurrection, in depth, to uncover Sonia’s legacy, both figuratively, and literally. Get your shovels ready and prepare to crack that whip once more as Miketendo delves into the catacombs of Sonia Belmont. Literally.

HUGE thank you to Mark Lindsey for providing the music of Castlevania Resurrection in higher quality. Please check out his websites:

Thank you to Dexter Morrill for his Sonia Belmont art! Check out more of his stuff on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dextermorrillsart/

Thanks to Russ Lyman for Directing and Lighting this episode!

Thank you to Brian “Science!” Siecienski for prop assistance!

Thanks to the following news sources and websites used for research purposes:

Castlevania Resurrection [DC – Cancelled]


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