Elysian Shadows Team Releasing Dreamcast Tool Kit for Free

We’re at over $100k in funding on KS and we’re Releasing Elysian Shadows Tool Kit (ESTk) for Dreamcast // FREE

In celebration for the fact that this weekend we surpased $100k in funding on Kickstarter, we’re excited to announce that we will be releasing our Dreamcast development kit along side Elysian Shadows, for free.

Aside from small miscellaneous tools around the net, up until now, developing for the Dreamcast has only been possible by investing hundreds of hours into building your own toolkit. The ESTk is a complete toolkit, with everything you need to start developing your own Dreamcast game immediately — no programming knowledge is necessary to dive in. The ESTk is modeled after unity making it welcoming for beginners. 

Check out more details in our video announcment here.
We’re Nearly Funded on Kickstarter with over $100k!


• ES is nearly funded on Kickstarter with over $100k already!!
• ES is nearly greenlit on Steam Greenlight!
• ES is a part of OUYA’s Free The Games fund (with the biggest funding goal of any FTG campaign yet, $150k)
We’re producing only 550 Elysian Shadow Limited Editions for the Sega Dreamcast and they are moving fast! Pledge for a copy of the game and help make ES a reality!