Eyra The Crow Maiden Sega Genesis Kickstarter Edition Unboxing

I took a look at the recently received Eyra the Crow Maiden Kickstarter Edition for the Sega Genesis. I received it today so I figured I’d show off what it came with. This is not exactly product placement as I paid for the regular edition, but just to be transparent, did receive an upgrade to the Kickstarter Edition in exchange for some upcoming promotional content I did for Second Dimension Games. Big thanks to Adam and the gang over at Second Dimension for hooking me up with this.

Here’s a link to the regular edition…you can choose to just buy the ROM, or a loose cart if you don’t want the CIB. Just note that it’s the standard edition, not the KS one. https://www.second-dimension.com/store/eyra-the-crow-maiden-sega

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