Final Fantasy X: Memories

FFX Memories


Inspired by Rob Man and Johnny Millenium’s latest looks at Final Fantasy 6 & 7, Erek reminisces about one of his favorite Final Fantasies, Final Fantasy X. Do you have nostalgia for this game? Share your memories!

About CrosroadsReviews

Erek Ladd a.k.a. "CrosroadsReviews" is all about three things: Games, Music, and Videos. Ever since his introduction into the vast world of video games in the wonderful year of 1996 with Super Mario 64, gaming has taken over. In late 2012, he started his YouTube channel which features a variety of programming such as: The Game Corner, GameFacts, GameQuest, The Retro Radio Podcast and many other things including covers of game music and let's plays.
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