Freddy Vs. Jason…on the NES? – Cygnus Destroyer’s Friday the 13th Special

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The Friday the 13th NES game was the focus of one of my favorite episodes of The LJN Defender. Making it was a great way for me to celebrate one of my favorite “holidays”, and I wanted to do something similar for this one. As a fan of the franchise and A Nightmare on Elm Street, it was a dream come true to see Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees square off on the silver screen. Pacnsacdave, a ROM hack developer, must have felt the same way, since he made a hack of the LJN published title to incorporate the Springwood Slasher. Today, on this special bonus video, I take a look at the Freddy Vs. Jason and Jason Vs. Freddy ROMs to see if they’re worthy of representing one of the best crossovers in cinema history. Happy Friday the 13th! Thanks for watching:)

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