Frogger MiniCade from Basic Fun!

Released by Basic Fun ( in July of this year (2017)  this little minicade does a somewhat decent job at representing the arcade game frogger in a small low cost tabletop game.

Just as in the other minicades, there is a on/off switch and a 3 position volume control.  This minicade also features a pause button as well.   This particular unit came in the standard blister packaging but according to sources the exclusive Walmart version will be the same little mini arcade design like the previous Qbert and Centipede and may feature a full color RGB type screen as well!   The game also records the high score and will retain it until the batteries are replaced.   Although some of the arcade elements are missing (lady frogger, Crocodiles, Snakes to name a few)  the core gameplay does represent the arcade version very well.

The Color LCD screen is crisp and can be seen quite well.  Although it is not a full color RGB type screen, the game graphics do look pretty good.   The graphics remind of of the VFD frogger game that Coleco did back in the 80’s.  the joystick control is responsive and the game sounds are good (although the music a slightly off).  The artwork on the minicade has also been very well done and looks good.  The game runs on 3 AA batteries and have a screw retention battery cover.   This minicade has the same cabinet design as the first two releases Pac Man and Space Invaders.

This particular minicade should be number 05 in the Arcade Classics Series that Basic Fun has been releasing.   Also coming out is Asteroids (06) and a updated Color LCD Pac Man (07)!


  1. Nice 6 Color LCD screen that looks like VFD
  2. Responsive controls
  3. Nice plastic case with artwork
  4. Under 20 dollars
  5. High Score retention as long as batteries are not removed.


  1. Music is slightly off
  2. the joystick can be difficult to use for people with larger hands.
  3. No 256 color LCD (RGB) screen

Overall, this is a nice MiniCade to add to the collection.  The only downside for me is the music being off and the choice of going with a 6 color LCD screen.  I have high hopes that when the Walmart exclusive one comes out in the nice arcade type cabinet and packaging, that it also will include a 256 color LCD (RGB) screen!

Rating: (2 out of 5 Minicades)

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