Gameplay & Talk: Street Fighter II Pinball Translite

Austin takes a brief moment to talk about his newly-acquired, videogame-related pinball item: a Street Fighter II Champion Edition translite! Don’t know what a translite is? Watch to find out!

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About Austin

Austin has been gaming for about as long as he can remember, with some of his earliest memories as a toddler being comprised of games he played on his parents’ Atari VCS/2600. Videogaming would quickly turn into a mainstay for him thanks to the Nintendo Entertainment System and the slew of classics it offered during its lifespan, with the SNES and Sega Genesis later compounding on that. Always having a natural curiosity about what else is out there gaming-wise, the biggest hook for him would come when his family attained internet access for the first time in the mid-’90s. Thanks to the breadth of historical information readily available, combined with early emulation efforts he got to try his hand at, Austin discovered at a young age that with a little work and perseverance, he could obtain obscure consoles and games he never had the chance to try before, or never even knew about to begin with. It was at this point he officially began a period of game and console collecting, and as they say, the rest is history! These days, Austin is responsible for a series of gaming-related videos he dubs “Gameplay and Talk”, an array of styles that cater to a variety of viewer preferences. These range from full-on, involved reviews, to unscripted “Let’s Plays”, “casual reviews” and full game runs. While he still dabbles with modern gaming platforms, his favorite era of gaming is the ’90s and many of his videos revolve around displaying what made gaming during this period such an incredible experience. Favorite games: Radiant Silvergun, Ninja Gaiden, Quake, Secret of Mana, Raiden, DOOM, Castlevania, Killer Instinct, OutRun, Painkiller, Super Metroid, Splatterhouse, R-Type. Favorite platforms: NES, SNES, Sega Genesis/CD, Dreamcast, Saturn, Turbo Grafx-16/PC Engine, PlayStation/PlayStation 2.