Gaming Linguistics Episode 11: How To Pronounce Quistis Trepe

Final Fantasy VIII has it’s fair share of lovers and haters. I line up somewhere towards the hatred side, mostly because of the plot. But I’m a big fan of Quistis Trepe in the game. But, wait…how exactly do you say her name, anyways?! Let’s find out on this episode of Gaming Linguistics!

What did you think of my suggested pronunciation? Should I be hung from the gallows regarding my feelings on FFVIII? Who was your favorite character from the game? What game/character should I tackle next? Leave a constructive comment down below!

English Translated Itadaki Street is on Dante Leonhart’s channel. Link used for research purposes. Check out his channel/vid here:

Dan Greenberg (Winterion Gaming) gets a big old round of applause for creating the logo for Gaming Linguistics. Check out Winterion Gaming here:

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