Gaming Linguistics Episode 14: HOW TO PRONOUNCE LADY DIMITRESCU

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village has a tough name to figure out. Today on Gaming Linguistics, we delve into figuring out how to pronounce it with a slew of online references. This one often gets misconstrued a lot. Is it based on the Romanian? The Japanese? Or something more English represented? Find out on the 14th episode of Gaming Linguistics.

As always, constructive criticism and discussion is preferred in the comments below. Will you change how you say it? How did you say it prior to this video? Tell us down below!

References (Thank you to the following):

Japanese clips courtesy of MadMen:Eazy Joseph –

Maggie Robertson Thirst Tweets Buzzfeed Clip:

RE Village April Showcase:


Other references: Quora, Google Translate, GamesRadar

Big thanks to Daniel Greenberg for the Gaming Linguistics logo!

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