Halo DLC Give Away! Plus more!

In celebration of the soon to be released Halo 4, Gamester81.com is giving away a few free map packs, avatar items and much more!

We’re now into the lovely month of October and as we head into November a numerical release in the beloved Halo franchise is on the way.

In celebration of fans who enjoy the Halo series, we here at Gamester81.com have gotten together and put a small giveaway bundle for everyone to enjoy.  Please note that all of these items can only be redeemed once and go “first come, first serve”.

Below you’ll find three sections of items; the first being a map pack for Halo: Reach which is the Anniversary Map Pack that includes six classic Halo 1 maps reimagined for HD,
as well as  a brand new firefight mission!

The next is an exclusive “Grunt Funeral Skull” which makes grunts explode like a plasma grenade.  Followed by a few additional Avatar items (like the almighty Master Chief Armor!)

Finally, a few free 2-day gold passes are up for grabs too!
While I cannot regulate exactly who get’s what, I will ask you to please only choose one item from the bunch below and allow other people to enjoy the free awesomeness for themselves as well!  Also, make sure you check out John (Gamester81’s) latest video for details on how to actually win a copy of Halo 4 plus more additional awesome stuff, including the newly released home brew of Halo 2600 for the Atari 2600; unopened!

Halo 4 releases for the Xbox 360 on November 6th, 2012 in America and November 8th in Japan.  Oh and by the way, no…we are not endorsed by Microsoft in any way shape or form, this is just simply us giving back to the community!

 Xbox Live 2-Day Gold Pass:

2-Day Gold Pass #1:

2-Day Gold Pass #2:

2-Day Gold Pass #3:

2-Day Gold Pass #4:

Grunt Funeral Skull:

Grunt Funeral Skull #1:

Grunt Funeral Skull #2:

Grunt Funeral Skull #3:

Master Chief Avatar Armor:

MC Avatar Male Armor #1:
MC Avatar Female Armor #1:

MC Avatar Male Armor #2:
MC Avatar Female Armor #2:

MC Avatar Male Armor #3:
MC Avatar Female Armor #3:

Halo Anniversary Map Pack (Includes 6 maps, plus new firefight map):

Anniversary Map Pack #1:

Anniversary Map Pack #2:

Anniversary Map Pack #3:

Anniversary Map Pack #4:

Be sure to check out our forums and suggest what kind of give-a-way’s we should do next!

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