Happy 25th Birthday Mega Drive!


On October 29th, 1988 Sega introduced the Sega Mega Drive to the Japanese market.  The Mega Drive would take the gaming industry by storm and would soon after its release create an epic 16bit war between Nintendo’s Super Famicom/Super Nintendo.

It’s hard to believe that the Mega Drive turns 25 years old today, and the very thought honestly makes me feel old.  However as I look back at my childhood, the Mega Drive/Genesis played a huge role in my video game experience.  Without the Mega Drive/Genesis we probably wouldn’t have had some classic game series including Sonic the Hedgehog and the Streets of Rage series among many others.  In addition without Sega’s huge success of the Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega most likely wouldn’t have released the Saturn and later the Dreamcast.

Happy 25th birthday Sega Mega Drive, and thanks for the great memories!

What are some of your favorite games and memories about the Mega Drive/Genesis?