History of WWF/E Games Part 14-2

History of WWF/E Games Part 14-2





Sega Mega Drive32X

Time to look at the WWF RAW again, but this time its on steroids!!!


**I know I said last week that this was going to be a two parter. I have decided that to really do this game justice it needs to be in three parts. So this week we will look at the 32X version, and then next week we will take on the handheld version.**

Many people see the Mega Drive 32X as a huge failure, and I guess to be honest I can kind of see why. While it did actually have some decent games for it, many people see the 32X kind of like the Mega CD. By this I mean that there was more than a few games that were just enhanced ports of already existing Mega Drive titles. While in some cases this is true, however sometimes these little enhancements made for a better game.



WWF RAW on the 32X was billed as the ultimate version of WWF RAW. One of the things that promos always boasted about was the fact that the 32X version had a exclusive 13th character; the ninja Kwang. To be honest this really was a strange choice as Kwang while kind of cool, was never a big star. During the time this port was made they easily could have put a bigger star including both British Bulldog and Jeff Jarrett.


WWF RAW on the 32X improves on pretty much every aspect of the Mega Drive, and even the Super Nintendo version. It just looks and sounds so much clearer. To tell the truth it does not look like a whole new game, but it just looks better all round. Right from the start the first thing you notice is just how much sharper the digitized images in the intro video as well as the wrestler selection screen look.



Now the wrestlers themselves I will be honest do not look a million times better, in fact they kind of just look the same but with a few differences here and there. The arena however looks much better. Fans in the crowd are much more animated, which really makes the arena seem alive. There is also different referees, and one really cool thing is the commentary team. Like the other versions there is no commentary, but the commentators at ring side change. This is a really cool little feature that I have to commend them for putting in. Yes it offers nothing to the game play, but it is still cool.


The ring now has purple instead of red ring aprons, which is a bit of a grey area. You see it does make it look a lot different from the Mega Drive version, but in doing so it no longer looks like the real ring that was on the TV show WWF RAW. Outside the ring the colour is not the only difference. As well as the chair and bucket from the Mega Drive you now also have a large RAW sign and a first aid kit to use as a weapon.

Game Play

RAW on 32X plays just the same as the Mega Drive version. So if you played that version and liked it then you will love this.  At the same time if you did not like RAW on the Mega Drive, then I really cannot see this winning you over. The core game play is exactly the same, but it feels a lot faster on the 32X.


There are two really cool things, that if I am being honest are more presentational features than game play changers. The way you pin your opponents is slightly different. In the Mega Drive version of RAW if you picked a heavy strong wrestler like Diesel. When you pinned your opponent they would sit on them. The 32X version is much cooler in that you will lay on them and signal the 123 with your fingers. Smaller and lighter wrestlers such as Bret Hart can now go behind a groggy opponent and try and use a school boy pin fall. Its not a huge game changer, but it just adds something extra to what was already a fun game.



Game modes wise it is just the same as the Mega Drive version, so you have a ton of stuff to play through, not only in single player, but also in multi player. The championship single player mode even has a better ending. Well it is just a digitized picture of your chosen wrestler, but it sure as hell is better than the other versions. You also have one extra wrestler to unlock in Kwang. Although he does not have his own finishing move. For what ever reason they just gave him Diesels.

Final Thoughts

WWF RAW on 32X is by far my favourite version of the game. WWF RAW on Super Nintendo and Mega Drive is a great game. So the little extras that they put in here just make it even better. With that being said unless you are a hard core WWF fan, there really is no reason to pay the extra money to get this version of the game. If you are a WWF fan and have fond memories of the other versions, then I highly recommend you give this one a try.

**Next week we look at the hand held versions of WWF RAW**

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