History of WWF/E Games Part 50

History of WWF/E Games Part 50

WWE Super Star/SummerSlam Slingshot






Time to look at the Angry Birds, but WWE Style.


WWE Super Star Slingshot was released in 2011, and was the WWE’s take on Angry Birds. A short while later another version was released that was based around SummerSlam. For years SummerSlam was seen as the second biggest wresting show of the year. While it may have lost a bit of this huge event feeling over the last few years, it’s still a pretty big date on the WWE calendar. Yet despite this, there has never been a game that had been devoted to the event until this was released on the iOS store.

Since 2009 SummerSlam has been held exclusively in the Staples Center in Los Angeles each August. This game was updated in June of 2009 to help promote the event.


WWE Superstar Slingshot looks awesome. It has really ripped off Angry Birds in every aspect, but I feel that’s why this game has charm. Each level is in a different wresting event. So if you pick the RAW levels for example, then the arena is based on WWE RAW. In the SummerSlam version the arenas have been replaced with levels that have kind of a post apocalyptic feel to them.

The characters in the game all have a cartoony look to them. I actually really like this as it is unlike anything else we had seen in a WWE game before. One thing that I think is a little weird is how on the wrestler selection screen they have these high quality photos of the wrestlers. I personally would have liked to have seen more of this cartoon style art work.

Game Play

It rips off Angry Birds. That pretty much sums this game up. If you have played Angry Birds then you can play this. Now I know some people absolutely ripped this game apart for its blatant rip off from Angry Birds, but I think that actually is a little harsh. Yes, the game does take a great deal from Angry Birds, but I think the WWE presentation makes it great.

The idea is that you pick your wrestler. Really it makes no difference what so ever who you pick. You stand at one side of the ring and your opponent stands at the other. In between you will be a bunch of junk like wood and barrels for example. There also on some levels is some moving items that get in your way. The idea is that you need to slingshot your wrestler and take out the other wrestler. I think its pretty cool the way you slingshot them off the ropes. You get three tries to do this. Some of the levels are really tough and you do have a special super slingshot that will make you go a bit faster that you can use.

Final Thoughts

Sorry for the short edition this week folks, but that really is all there is to this game. If you like Angry Birds and you like WWE, I am sure you would get a kick out of this. When you consider that really this was just made as a promotional tool, it really is not bad at all.  I think another game like this, but more in depth with each wrestler having there own special abilities would be pretty cool too. 

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