History Of WWF/E Games Part 53

History of WWF/E Games Part 53

WWE Rumblers





Time to look at a WWE Games that uses WWE action figures


WWE Rumblers stared life as a toy line by Mattel. These figures are clearly inspired by the line of Batman The Brave And The Bold Action League figures that Mattel also made. They are small figures that are just a couple of inches tall. And they have over exaggerated features. Most of them have really large upper bodies and little stumpy legs.

The whole Apptivity thing on the iPad has seen Cars, Batman and god know what else let you use action figures on the actual iPad to control what is happening on the screen. Mattel in conjunction with THQ made this game where you would use the Rumblers action figures in the game.

There was a starter pack that had John Cena and Sin Cara and some accessories as well. You could also buy individual wrestler packs as well. There CM Punk, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Sheamus and Rey Mysterio. From what I have seen the starter pack is the only way to get Sin Cara. Some stores would also have there own exclusive version of the starter pack. As well as the wrestling action figure they would come with this little base. It was this base that stored all the game data. And if you put say Mark Henry on Rey Mysterio’s base the game would still read the character as Rey Mysterio. The bases each have the wrestlers logo on them which is pretty neat. What is cool is that you can still use these action figures as toys as well.


For a free iPad game this looks amazing. If I am honest I am not the biggest iPad gamer in the world. But I am amazed at the detail in the graphics that some of these games have. The wrestlers in the game have that same over exaggerated look that the figures have. They even have these really cool and amusing entrances that capture the spirit of these little figures amazingly well.

The game is viewed from a top down perspective. And if you are using a Rumblers figure you place it on the screen and this is your character. You can see your shadow and when you punch and kick you will see a leg or arm on the screen. Your opponent is just a normal in game character. Overall this is a very nice looking game and one that I really have no complaints about in the looks department.

Game Play

Now this is a game clearly aimed at kids so let me get that out there right away. This is a game that is all about putting your action figures in a game. In this regard the game works really well. You place your wrestler on there base and then put them on the screen. To move your wrestler you slide them around your iPad screen. You can push them into you opponent to strike them and you can link up in grapples as well. When in grapples you move your wrestler from left to right as fast as you can.

Each wrestler also has there own finishing move that can be done at various points in the match. There is also a little button on the base and this is what is used for pinning your opponent. At first I thought this feature was simply broken and pinning your opponent was far to hard. But it turns out I am just a moron as the first time my five year old son played it he figured it out right away. If you get out of the ring you take part in this fun mini game where you chase your opponent round the ring. If you catch them you throw them back in the ring. You actually can play this game with just your fingers and there is no need to buy any of the figures, but really what is the fun in that?

The game modes are pretty fun as well. You have training and exhibition modes which are pretty self explanatory. You also have a section where you can go in and alter the wrestlers attributes. This is quite simple, but it lets you make your wrestlers have better offence and defence.

The main game play mode is the career mode this is split into different sections. Intercontinental Championship, Money In The Bank, WWE Championship and TLC. Each one has a different set of wrestlers for you to face. This game is pretty stacked in the wrestler department and despite there only being a small selection of figures to buy the game has a vast number of opponents for you to wrestle.

Final Thoughts

WWE Rumblers is a great little game. I am sure kids will love this I know that my son did. And I am sure if I had something like this when I was a kid I would have loved it as well. I loved video games and wrestling figures when I was a kid so I am sure I would have gone crazy for something like this. Considering it is a free game and that you can play though it all with just one figure which is pretty cheap this is a great deal. If you have kids and they like wrestling then to me this game is a must download. Yes there is not a great deal of depth here, but there is still a lot of fun to have especially for kids.

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