History of WWF/E Games Part 55

History of WWF/E Games Part 55

WWE Presents: Rockpocalypse







Time to look at the WWE & The Rock joining forces once again.


The Rock without a doubt is a house hold name these days. No mater if you know him as The Rock, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or just plain old Dwayne Johnson, the man is a super star. As part of the promotion for Wrestlemania 29, a game was released that focused around him as an actor rather than a wrestler.

This would not be the first time Dwayne Johnson had been put in a non wrestling game as he was also the star of a Spy Hunter video game a few years back, as he was attached to be in the movie version of Spy Hunter, which for various different reasons never happened. He also was in the game that was based on the Scorpion King movie as well.


This is a very good looking game. I think that The Rock looks great and that the various different levels you will be fighting in also look pretty darn good. The story of the game is really weird though. The idea is that The Rock is on a movie set and everyone seems to be acting weird and they all want him dead. It turns out that there has been some virus released into the air that is making people act crazy, and when you can’t turn to the police, the army, or even the Justice League you turn to the freaking Rock.

The best thing though for me and I am sure other wrestling fans, is the games audio as it uses many of The Rock’s classic catchphrases that he has used over the years. I am sure that some people will get sick of hearing these as they play through the game, but I thought they were pretty cool.

Game Play

This is kind of where the game falls flat. I am not the biggest iPad gamer in the world, as a mater of fact I think I use mine more for browsing the internet than I do playing games. But from what I understand games like this are pretty common. This is a fighting game where you really do not control your character. Instead all the combat is done through various swipes an taps on the screen. I am sure for fans of this kind of thing its great, but I have a hard time playing a game like this as it feels like I am not really doing  anything.

Rock has punches and kicks to take down the various crazy people he meets, but after a while you can get a super move where if you tap the screen in a few places you will unleash a devastating attack. What I hated was the fact that sometimes the iPad would just flat out ignore my swipes and taps which was really frustrating. You can look around before each fight and in doing so you can find clues which tell you what the hell is going on in the crazy story.

There are some pretty big RPG elements in the game. To start with Rock’s cloths; you can pretty much change everything that he wears. This is more than just cosmetic as each item of clothing will alter his stats a little bit. He stats also can be upgraded and various weapons as well.

Final Thoughts

I love The Rock and I think that if this was just some generic iPad fighting game that honestly I would have turned it off after the first fight, but the fact I was playing as The Rock made me stick it out, and I guess considering the game is free, it’s a little harsh to be overly critical. Just be warned that this can be a very frustrating game to play, but if you are a fan of The Rock then I would say give it a download. I just wish this was more of a traditional game that had a virtual joystick and buttons rather than all the swipes and taps.

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