How to clean an NES cart

Clean NES games

In this video, Grimsie42 shows you some of the tricks that he uses to clean his NES games.
Hopefully after watching this you can give some of those dirty old games some new life, and help ensure they play like new.

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About Grimsie42

Scott "Grimsie42" Zientek has been playing, and collecting games ever since he was a child. A few years back he decided to chronicle his journeys in collecting video games on his YouTube channel Grimsie42. In addition to pickup videos, he also offers exclusive interviews from popular YouTube personalities such as the Game Chasers, and he also offers various tips including, tips on how to find deals out in the wild, tips on how to collect/manage/and organize your collection. Tips on cleaning, and restoring your games, and tips on how to save you money, and collect on a budget. Favorite Systems: NES, SNES, PS1 Favorite Games: Suikoden series, TMNT IV, Mega Man series, Final Fantasy VI.