Got a great deal on a large lot of games from a friend this week.

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Scottsquatch is the creator of the YouTube show Video Game Sellers. The idea of the show came after he had been purchasing and trading games with vendors at a local flea market in Florida. Some of sellers gave really great deals on games, and the whole vibe between all of the game vendors was unique and interesting . He figured since resellers usually get a bad rap in the gaming world, it would be a good idea to show that not all of them try to "rip you off". The show Video Game Sellers was born. The Video Game Sellers series showcases multiple aspects of the world of game selling. Everything from interactions with other sellers, game finds at the market, purchases and sales throughout the day, and just a bunch of guys and girls acting like dorks. There are quite a few "characters" that appear regularly on the show including Aaron and his brother Josh, Krazy Kenneth, The Mole, Jabrony, K-T, and many more. Fans of shows like the Game Chasers and The NES Pursuit might enjoy the alternate side of what those shows cover. Scottsquatch also uploads garage sale game hunting videos that showcase amazing finds, as well as providing tips and tricks on how to score great deals. Scottsquatch is a extreme game collector, with over 3,000 games and systems in his collection. His favorite genre in gaming is survival horror, with Silent Hill being his favorite series. He is a avid collector of game related figures, statues, and promo items, as well as a big fan of anime and horror related comics. YouTube channel: