I FINALLY take a look at the MiSTer project – Is it worth the hype?!

My review of the MiSTer project, an FPGA based system designed to play arcade, console & computer games. It does this with almost 100% accuracy and zero latency. I spend extra time messing around with it’s 486 PC & C64 support as well. Do YOU have a MiSTer or considered buying one?

Get more information at: http://www.misteraddons.com

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The Metal Jesus is a long-haired rocker dude who used to work in the video game industry back in the 90′s at Sierra On-Line (publisher of PC classics like Quest for Glory, King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry and much more). Later he was the editor of a professional video game review web site, and dabbled in audio & video production. He loves music and video games with a passion!