Import Spotlight: Download and Download 2 for PC Engine


download shmup

Download and Download 2 for PC Engine and PC Engine CD respectively are two awesome shmups for the NEC system that need more recognition. Both are very importable.

Although both are shmups, both play slightly different. In Download, you ride an Akira-looking air bike while one button is your shots and the other selects your speed. Along the way you’ll get weapon upgrades and options to change your weapon.

Download 2, since it’s on CD, we’re invited to cut scenes with full spoken dialogue but the gameplay is a little different where your speed button now selects which weapon you’d like to use.

Both are fantastic and deserve a little spotlight. You’ll need a way to play HuCards if you opt for the first but Download 2 will work on your US Turbo Duo or TurboGrafx CD with appropriate system card.

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