Incredible Treasures at Matt’s Game Exchange!


I was asked by my friends Matt and Gerald (owners of Matt’s Game Exchange) to stop by their Greensboro NC store to check out a recent 187 console collection they recently acquired!   As was told to me, a older gentleman entered their store asking if they sold Atari games (which of course they do!, 2600, 7800, Jaguar, etc..).  Soon the conversation turned to him wanting to sell his entire collection!

It ended up consisting of over 187 game consoles, many in their original box.  Tons of games, magazines and handhelds!   The most notable in the collection was a Treamcast, Nintendo Famicom with disc attachment, A Famicom twin, Apple Pippin and many many others (Sega SG1000 Mark II and a Atari Portfolio!).   I was only able to scratch the surface of all that retro goodness, some of the collection was diverted to Matt’s other store in Florence South Carolina.

Check out the stores and see what treasures you find!


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