Innocent Until Proven Guilty #1 – Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout (NES)

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The newest episode of Innocent Until Proven Guilty should be available later this week, but for the sake of newcomers to the series, here’s the pilot episode that started it all. A fun little fact about this episode is that this was going to be the video that I released on my birthday this year, but the choice of Birthday Blowout was completely unintentional. I just wanted a game that I could beat quickly that I had plenty of experience with from childhood.

Original description:

It’s finally here! The debut of the long talked about third series! Originally planned as an LJN Defender bonus, Innocent Until Proven Guilty examines other non-LJN games that have largely been the focus of negative bent reviews and considered horrible beyond redemption.

Much like the LJN catalog, I enjoy most of these games as well. I think it’s long overdue they get their “fair trial”, and that’s exactly what my intention with this series is. I’m going to give each one a Cygnus Destroyer style review, and stick up for them when I see appropriate a la LJN Defender. Unlike LJN Defender, I’m going to address their faults when I see them, and I’m going to weigh the innocent and guilty evidence at the end to come up with my final verdict.

First case on the docket: Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout, a mid-period NES platformer based on a beloved licensed franchise. Did Kemco-Seika really take a wrong turn at Albuquerque with this, or is this a case of slander & libel against an innocent cart? Tune in to the Innocent Until Proven Guilty premiere to find out!

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