Innocent Until Proven Guilty #5 – Wisdom Tree Bible Games Part 2 – Exodus & Joshua (Nintendo NES)

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Wisdom Tree bible games month continues on with another oddity: the maze/puzzle-esque Exodus: Journey To The Promised Land and Joshua & The Battle of Jericho. After the tedious Bible Buffet from last week, how will these two handle under Matt’s thorough examination? Be courageous like Joshua and find out in the fifth episode of Innocent Until Proven Guilty! Thanks as always for watching and for helping me reach 3K subscribers:)

Also, on a technical note, there are some audio issues with this video. I had this new adapter to connect my mic to the computer, and it turned out to be crappy. As a result, there’s some slight clipping issues at certain parts, but I did my best to deal with them.

TheWiiGuy’s 8-Bit Stereo: (check out Nikola’s channel for all of the 8-bit stereo tunes featured in this video and so many more).

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