Install Vs. Ninja Jajamaru Kun (Japan) on the Nintendo Vs system using a TOP GUN PPU – review



In this video I’ll show guys how to get Vs. Ninja Jajamaru Kun working on a Nintendo Vs. system. This info applies to the VS. Dualsystem and Vs. Unisystem. We are going to use a VS. TOP GUN PPU to get this game working and I’ll show you guys how to burn eeproms and more.

Vs. Ninja Jajamaru Kun was released in 1985 by JALECO for the FAMICOM and NINTENDO VS. system in JAPAN. It’s a pretty neat game and is very rare in the US. If you have a VS. TOP GUN PPU this is a very easy mod to do and totally worth it! It’s a pretty neat game.

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