Intellivision Hover Bovver!

Released by Elektronite, this is a great port of the original game that was so popular on the Commodore 64 and Atari 8 bit computer!  The original was done by Jeff Minter of LLamasoft (Tempest 2000 fame).  This version was programmed by Óscar Toledo Gutierrez!

You take on the role as Gordon Bennet to score as many points as possible my mowing lawns with his Air-Mo Lawn Mower (that he conveniently stole from his neighbor)  AS you mow the lawns, you have your trusty dog Rover that can help keep the neighbor away from you.  You also have a gardener to contend with if you mow through his precious flower beds.  The game uses the Intellivoice module and has some very funny speech effects during the game.


  • Mow through as many as 16 lawns while avoiding your neighbors and the gardener. Be careful not to overheat ill gotten mower!
  • You have a faithful canine companion to use to get out of those bad situations.  Be sure not to run over your dog though!
  • High scores are saved permanently on the cartridge
  • Uses the Intellivsion Voice Module to provide up to 84 seconds of digitized voice including realistic dog barks!
  • linear acceleration of you mower, the longer you keep the control disc pressed, the mower will speed up.
  • Great backstory written by Jeff Minter in the Manual!


  • Spot on controls, the control disc works great playing this game.
  • Great digitized speech using the Voice Module.
  • Full color instruction book that includes a backstory of the game by Jeff Minter.
  • Full color gate-fold box with two overlays.
  • High scores are kept permanently on the cartridge!


  • None

Overall I love this game, I enjoyed it back in the day on my Atari 800 and I enjoy it even more now on my Intellivsion!   This game is well worth getting to add to your Intellivision homebrew library!

Rating: (5 out of 5 MiniCades)

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