Intellivision Jr Pac-Man Sneak Peek!


Jr. Pac-Man for the Intellivision is a wonderful port of the arcade game!  Has many cool features and great gameplay!

Some features are:

  • All seven of the original arcade levels are present
  • Includes seven NEW Intellivision exclusive levels
  • All fourteen levels also have a Ice/Snow option
  • Choose a starting level
  • Fast or slow Jr. Pac
  • Choose number of lives to start the game
  • Choose when you get a bonus life
  • Sound Effect player
  • Arcade Cut Scenes
  • Alternate boot up modes (Arcade, Atari, Mattel)
  • Scrolling maze

I spent some time playing this game and have been really enjoying it.  If you love the Intellivision and arcade games, this would be a nice game to add to your collection.  The controls are spot on, you can easily maneuver through the maze.  The sounds and music also are very well done and add to the game experience.

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Jr. Pac-Man is coming soon for 2017

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