Jason Heine’s New Album: “Nothing’s Forever”



With use of unique rewards Jason is creating a fun and exciting way for you to help fund his new music album release “Nothing’s Forever”. The music stemming from the worlds curveballs during the last 4 years of his life. This album will keep you guessing to what is next. The vibe is funky, reflective and emotional while keeping concentrated and precise. From start to finish “Nothing’s Forever” tells the 4th chapter of Jason’s life through music. High production work while keeping true to his roots of creating fun, upbeat and thought-provoking music.

This massive 16 track album features 3 remixes of “Another Day”, “Gamers Alike” and “I Don’t Know” with cover artwork produced by “DODOFRO”! Guitar work from Mike Turner, Bass guitar by Jon Heake & Jarrod Karnofski and a song collaboration with Stiv-One (Let Cha Know)!

Please take a listen, check out the rewards, and pitch in if you would like!

“Thanks to all the JH music supporters over the years, old and new I owe this to you, you keep me excited and eager to better myself musically and creatively.”

-Jason Heine”

Here is the link to the Kickstarter page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jasonheine/jason-heines-new-album-nothings-forever

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About HeineHouseEntertainment

Jason is a professional drummer and Audio Engineer who collects Video Games! Jason produces "Heine House Entertainment" on YouTube and owns his own business by the same name. Jason produces audio/video content for Podcasts, You Tube shows, Indie Films and Indie Video Games.