John’s Arcade visits PAX EAST ’14 – ACAM Funspot tour with Pete Dorr, Jumble Junkie and TG’s Dave Nelson

John’s Arcade visits PAX East 2014! In this video we’ll focus on the ACAM Funspot Arcade Exhibit and take a complete tour showing all the arcade games that ACAM and Funspot brought down from New Hampshire to PAX EAST.

Also in this video we’ll talk to former Twin Galaxies Chief referee, and King of Kong star, Dave Nelson. Dave will tell us what he thinks about the current state of Twin Galaxies and the King of Kong movie.

In this vid there are also cameos from Youtube super stars, Pete Dorr and Jumblejunkie! And, we’ll walk the show floor and check out, among other things, Microsoft’s Xbox One booth and Ubisoft’s booth which was showing Watch Dogs and the new Trials game.

It’s another John’s Arcade on the road!