Kimble Justice: The Chaos Engine Review – Amiga



The Chaos Engine (AKA:  Soldiers of Fortune if you’re American)…huge sci-fi visuals, sound cribbed from the nearest underground rave, a big dollop of personality and, of course, tons of action…it’s Gauntlet gone steampunk, basically.  I’ve wanted to do it ever since I started making video reviews and…well, here it is at last!

But of course, the story couldn’t simply be left there – why, there’s a sequel to cover as well!…which is certainly a different sort of game.  And lastly, the game was remade and released on Steam this year!…well, if you can call sticking emulator texture smoothing effects onto a game a “remake”.  It’s a bit of a mixed bag overall, but it’s still The Chaos Engine, and it’s finally getting the big Kimble retrospective treatment!

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