Living in 8 Bits – A Comedy Series


Hello to all in the Gamester81 community and world!  You may have heard of us, but for those who hadn’t, allow me to introduce ourselves!  We produce Living in 8 Bits, a web series that takes the logic of retro video games and applies it to real life in sketch comedy.  You can check out our YouTube Channel to view the kind of videos and films we’re involved with.  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Here is the playlist of all of our episodes in descending order.  You can also check out Extras, Behind the Scenes, Specials, and other Content for the series at this Playlist.


Here are episodes that we would consider a “Best Of” the series, the ones that seem to get the biggest response/reactions and our personal favorites.

#7 – Zig Zags: This episode was created out of our love for Tecmo Bowl where the only strategy you needed was to run in zig zag patterns across the field.


#11 – Greg Belmont, Emo Vampire Hunter: Easily the most popular character in our series who reoccurs many times throughout. This is where he started. The basic concept: what if Simon Belmont’s descendent had to fight the Emo Vampires of today?


#18 – Box Art Cover Model: The one guy who poses for every retro game box art cover.


#22 – Justin Bailey: Self explanatory and features girls in bikinis.


#23 – Street Fights and Turkey Legs: Our most popular episode featuring our good friend, James Rolfe.


#32 – Aliens in the Jungle: For all you Contra lovers out there.