Mastema Out of Hell




There are alot of great kickstarters going on lately, like Henshin Engine (congratulations on reaching your stretch goal) and a new one called Mastema Out of Hell. The game has a full demo and sample audio tracks from the game. It has a very modest funding goal $3,339.00 which will assist with funding the programming, and producing extra content for people. The soundtrack will also be available. this game is shaping out to be awesome, and I really want the extra content. Please check this game out and contribute to the kickstarter.



Here is an excerpt from the creator.

Mastema Out of Hell is a platformer game in pure pixel art, 16bit old style sprites and backgrounds. You can run, jump and collect special weapons to conquer the next level defeating demons and bosses.



Be carefull, you’ve got hundred ways to die! You’ll encounter deadly jumps, traps, crumbling platforms movable bridges and lots of enemies.Let’s discover treasures that you can collect during your escape

Here is the link below: