Matt Chat 156: Police Quest



If you’re fan of a classic Sierra adventure games, then you’ve surely played Police Quest, the only adventure game to be written and designed by a real-life cop. ┬áSet in the city of Lytton, Police Quest is a fun mix of realistic police work and humor–you can really tell that Al Lowe had something to do with that. Warning: Do not play this game high, or you’ll be in deep whale do-do. ­čÖé If you don’t have the game, you can buy the whole pack from GOG for only $10 (the first four games). Please use my link so I will get a kickback. That’s a really good deal; no DRM, easy setup, and nice PDFs of all the manuals.

Also, I’m announcing my new audience participation feature. If there’s a game you want me to feature in one of my famous retrospectives, then record a 10-30 second video, post it to YouTube (or wherever), and send me the link. Your video must contain the following:

  1. Your name or handle
  2. Where you’re from
  3. The game you want me to look at
  4. Why you think the game is great/historically important/unique

If you want to talk more about the game in the video, fine, but make sure the first 10-30 seconds are concise and can standalone. If I decide to cover the game, I’ll insert the clip into my video and link back to your channel (if applicable).

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