Mattel Electronic’s Gravity!

Released in 1980, this game originally was known as Catastrophe in early production.  The game had a black case and a drawing of a cityscape on the main screen.

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It was never released in this form, it is suspected the name was changed to Gravity based on how Missile Attack was changed to Space Alert.  It was felt having something destroying a city was to violent for children at the time.

Gravity has three games built in that are controlled with three push buttons.   Sounds are from a peizo speaker like other Mattel handhelds and the unit is powered by a nine volt battery.

The games are:

  1. Juggler – try to keep all three balls up in the air by hitting the corresponding button before the ball drops below the hit line.
  2. Coin Drop – Try to catch the falling coins
  3. Docking – Try to dock your ship within the 20 second time limit.  The game speeds up as you make each successful dock.

The inventor of the game was Tim Effler and was programmed by Peter Oliphant.

I never saw this game in stores when I was a kid, I only learned about this games existence in the early 2000’s and had been looking for one ever since.   This particular unit I have came from Big Fun in Columbus Ohio, a really awesome retro toy store!  My good friend Rick from the Intellivisionaries podcast purchased this game for my collection.

Overall, I really like the game.  It is quite challenging and definitely gets your reflex’s going.  Of the three games, I like Juggle best.  I have yet to be able to juggle all three balls, but am continuing to try!

If you are into the old L.E.D. handheld games, this is one you might what to add to your collection.

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