‘Metal Jesus’ Gets His Own NES Games in ‘Metal Jesus’ World Tour’ [VIDEO]

MJR Game


MetalJesusRocks is a popular YouTube channel full of hidden gems, recent finds and entertaining insight to the video game industry. It only makes sense that he would have his own video game. Leave it to me to make one for him.

To be honest, I don’t know him, personally, as well as others on his channel like Reggie or Kinsey, but we’ve met a few times at gaming conventions and can honestly say he’s one of the most humble guys you’ll meet. That made it that much easier to make him his own game. I reached out to him to ask if it would be okay to put his likeness in a video game. He graciously accepted.

Now, I could have just put him in any ol’ game and called it good, but I wanted it to be a game that he’d enjoy playing, too. He told me he was a fan of shmups. Instead of putting his likeness in a game readily available in the US like Gradius or 1942, I opted for a Famicom game so it would be a new experience for him as well, and not just playing a game where he’s already familiar, only with changed graphics. That left me a few options, but I had to go with Chuuka Taisen (Cloud Master).

The cartoony graphics made it a fun challenge for me to edit the sprites and the colors were vibrant enough that you can kind of tell it’s him. In the original version, the main character rides a cloud. I thought it only fitting that he would ride a Flying V guitar.

Check out the video and leave a comment telling me what you think or what I could’ve changed. I’m always working on more of these and can use all of the tips I get!

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