Microsoft E3 Recap-2013

Xbone conference stage-580-75

Microsoft has been known to cater towards the hardcore gamers during E3, and this year they did not disappoint.  Microsoft announced 13 new Xbox One titles, a new slimmer Xbox 360 that looks similar to the new Xbox One in design and some exciting news for Xbox Live Gold members.

Similar to what Sony has offered their Playstation Plus members, Microsoft will be offering two free full game downloads each month for their Xbox Live Gold members.  In addition the friend limit on Xbox Live will no longer be lmited to 100 poeple, and say goodbye to Microsoft Points, and now all transactions on Xbox Live will be handled in local currencies.

Also announced was a popular Free to Play PC game World of Tanks that will be ported later this year for the Xbox 360.  Furthermore Microsoft announced more information about their integration with the Xbox One which appears easy to use and with solid implantation. Through the Kinect, gamers are able to easily upload their gameplay videos automatically with their voice overs as well.

Microsoft also officially announced the price and release date for the Xbox One, which will retail for $499 USD, 499 euros and 429 pound, and will be available in November 2013.

Here are some trailers and teasers to some upcoming games:

What do you think about Microsoft’s E3 press conference this year, and how would you grade it?