Midwest Gaming Classic 2016 Part 1: 45% Off


In this video, Justin and Ryan battle a blizzard and document their road trip down to the Midwest Gaming Classic!

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About bizzNES17

On his fourth birthday, Justin of bizzNES17 played his first video game: Street Fighter II on the Super Nintendo. Although the NES and SNES were a little before his time, these were the main systems that Justin played while growing up in the 1990s. Remaining strictly a Nintendo kid, Justin then acquired his first N64 and Gamecube and created just as many memories with these systems. Little did he know, ten years later these childhood experiences would unleash a horde of nostalgia. The name bizzNES17 is a sort of play on words and was the name of a business formed by Justin and his friend Ryan in which they bought, refurbished, and sold retro game systems. But soon the nostalgia took over and it became harder and harder to part with the games and systems that they acquired. The two began watching video game pickups on YouTube and before long they had a show of their own. Although the show is hosted by Justin, Ryan and other friends occasionally make an appearance. Favorite systems to collect for: SNES, N64, Gamecube