MotionRide – Reason to (original composition)



This is a track I made in January. I’m just reuploading it here because it got lost while I was moving from YT to Dailymotion. Hope you enjoy it. 🙂
The entire song/cover was made by me – Pete (MotionRide) in Lmms and Milky Tracker (free for commecrcial use software) with stock instruments/sounds and/or my own instruments recorded by myself. Artwork/Video was made by myself – Pete (MotionRide) using GIMP/Kdenlive (free for commercial use). I reserve all copyright over this track but I will gladly provide you with the FLAC version if you want to use it in your project. Just please, make sure to credit me by posting some links provided below, wherever you intend to use my track. 🙂
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