MyArcade Data East Classics MiniCade!

Released by MyArcade in early 2018, this little 10″ tall minicade features 34 cool Data East arcade games.  The most interesting part is they are actual arcade roms! not NES roms or rewrites!

Item # 9SIAB677150337   Model # DGUNL-3200  UPC # 845620032006

Game List:

Bad Dudes, Caveman Ninja, Burgertime, B-Wings, Side Pocket, Karate Champ, Heavy Barrel, Breakthru, Super Real Darwin, Joe and Mac Returns, Desert Assault, Wizard Fire, Western Express, Tumble Pop, Super Doubles Tennis, Rootin’ Tootin’, Midnight Resistance, Super Burgertime, Shoot Out, Bloody Wolf, Scrum Try, Two Crude Dudes, Nitro Ball, Dark Seal, Treasure Island, Darwin 4078, Burnin’ Rubber, Peter Peppers Ice Cream Factory, Pro Bowling, Pro Tennis, Tomahawk 777, Zaviga, Pro Soccer and Lock N’ Chase

This minicade features a coin door that acts like a switch.  When depressed it will light up to indicate the unit is powered.   It has both a single internal speaker and a headphone jack.  The volume control is variable via two push buttons  that are on either side of the head phone jack.   The joystick is removable to have a DPAD to play the games.  Four action buttons are available (X, Y, A, B) as well as a Coin button (to coin up the games), Back button (to return to the main menu) and Start.  In some games that used a Rotary Control in the Arcade (Midnight Resistance, Heavy Barrel, etc…) you use the X and Y buttons in place of the rotary controller.

The main menu screen is laid out nicely and features a screenshot of the game highlighted.  There is no music on the main menu screen, but when the games start you can hear the coin up sound and the full sound effects of the arcade game selected.  The sound is quite good on this device.

The full color screen is bright and vivid, however it does stretch the games out into a 16:9 aspect ratio which can make games such as Burgertime and Lock N’ Chase look weird.  This minicade does not use batteries but instead a 5v supply.   The artwork on the sides of the cabinet is nice, but the marquee and control panel decals are a little bland.

The controls respond ok, I found it difficult to do diagonal movements with the Dpad style control scheme.  The X,Y,A and B buttons feel good and respond very well while playing a game.   Included with the MiniCade is a 5v power supply and a small instruction manual.  The box art is very well done and features screenshots of all 34 included games.


  1. Full color screen
  2. Nice side artwork!
  3.  10″ Mini Arcade Cabinet!
  4. Great packaging!
  5. Actual Arcade Roms!
  6. Nice collection of Data East arcade games!


  1. 4:3 aspect ratio games are stretched to 16:9
  2. Requires to be plugged in, no battery option
  3. Bland Marquee and control panel decals
  4. Needs more mainstream Data East arcade games
  5. X,Y buttons used as a rotary control makes some games hard to play

Overall I like this minicade, it has some of my favorite games on it but wish it had RoboCop as part of the collection.

Rating: (4 out of 5 Minicades)

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