MyArcade Mini Pac-Man Player

Released August 2018 by MyArcade, as a exclusive release, for Walmart stores. This little handheld features three pac-man games.

  1. Pac-Man Arcade
  2. Pac-Mania
  3. Pac-Panic

The Arcade version of Pac-Man on this handheld is not arcade perfect, it appears to be an arcade rom that is running though.  Pac-Mania appears to be a port from the Sega Genesis as well as Pac-Panic (Pac-Attack)

The box is very well designed, colorful and great to keep the mini player in.  It features a fold up flap revealing the player and providing information on the three games it has.  The flap is held down by a internal magnet when closed.

The mini player runs on 4 AAA batteries but can also be powered by a micro USB cable.  It has a lanyard, a stereo headphone jack, on/off button, volume control, 8 directional Dpad, A/B buttons, reset and start.  The overall appearance of the mini player is really nice.  The Dpad works well with all the games and is responsive.  Sounds though are its weak point.  The tiny speaker seems like it is being over driven causing tinny sounds and distortions which takes away from the experience.


  1. Great, colorful packaging to store the player when not in use.
  2. Three fun Pac-Man themed games
  3. Appears to be using a modified Arcade rom for Pac-MAn Arcade.
  4. Responsive Dpad
  5. Nice case design, reminds me of the Game Gear where the batteries go.


  1. Sound is very tinny and distorted
  2. Only Three Games, other Pac-Man games would have been a great addition (Ms Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man Jr)
  3. $27.84 is the current price at Walmart

Overall I enjoy this mini player, mainly for Pac-Panic and the Pac-Man arcade games.  The sound is its major issue, even with headphones plugged in it does not sound very good.

The UPC code for this player is 84562032273

MSRP: $27.84

Rating: (3 out of 5 Mini-Cades)

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