N64 Magazine Time Capsule 3 + Xmas Giveaway



In this final episode of 2012 Glenn covers issue number 3 of N64 magazine.

This issue we learn more about Zelda 64’s troubled development, the latest N64 DD news, the fallout from Nintendos 40% price cut after the console being on sale for just 6 weeks and receive reviews of great games including a huge spread on Starfox 64.

To thank his viewers for a great 2012 Glenn is also giving away three great prizes to subscribers including the collectors edition box for ocarina of time on the 3ds, a PAL exclusive NES cart “Road Fighter” and the star prize being the N64 hit Conkers Bad Fur Day.

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“GlennPlant” has been playing video games for as long as he can remember. From playing Mario on the NES for the first time at his friends’ house, to getting his first console the Sega MegaDrive with Sonic at launch. He has owned almost every home console released in the UK including all consoles by Sega, Nintendo and Amiga and was one of a few British owners to get the Panasonic 3DO. He launched his YouTube account in 2006 however only began uploading some years later when he returned to live in the UK to complete a degree in TV and Film production at the Northern Film School. On his channel he uploads frequent HD gaming related videos including reviews, collection pickups and is most known for his retrospective “N64 Magazine Time Capsule” series where he looks at old issues of N64 magazine which are packed full of historic news and game related development photos. Glenn’s other interests include professional wrestling (he produced the worlds first 3D Blu Ray of a wrestling event), filmmaking, building arcade cabinets and spending time with his girlfriend and their pet chihuahua “Mikachu”. Favorite Systems are: Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Megadrive, NES and Dreamcast. Favorite Games are: Zelda - Ocarina of Time (N64), Super Mario 3 (NES), Streets Of Rage 2 (MD), Progear (Arcade), Bladerunner (PC), Snatcher (S-CD)