New Wave Toys Centipede Replicade!

The Centipede arcade game is one of those classics I remember playing back in the 80’s and absolutely loved.   And now thanks to New Wave Toys, I am reliving those great memories again but this time in 1/6 scale!

Having a very successful kick starter campaign in October 2017, New Wave Toys began work on their replicade centipede game.   The goal of the project was to duplicate the full size arcade machine in a 1/6th scale size.  New Wave Toys put a lot of effort into making the little arcade machine look exactly like its full size counterpart.  They are making this as a limited run of 5000 as well.

The box the for the machine is very well made and has lots of padding to protect the minicade.  In the box you get a USB charge cable, manual, little mini arcade tokens and in my case a metal key ring with a light up insert coin face plate (kickstarter backer bonus).

The overall look of the machine is spot on and features wood construction, a metal coin door (that can be opened to store something inside) light up marquee, accurate artwork and decal just to name a few.  The trakball works extremely well and you can adjust the sensitivity via a built in setup menu that is accessed using the lighted coin slots.  This machine does use the arcade rom and will retain high scores when powered off.   Coining up the machine is done by pressing the left coin slot and the setup menu is accessed via the right coin slot.  The sound is extremely well done and can be adjusted with a volume control on top of the machine.


  1. Great, colorful packaging to store the minicade when not in use.
  2. Very accurate scale model of the actual Centipede arcade game
  3. Wood construction with a metal coin door
  4. Responsive trackball and very accurately modeled fire and player select buttons.
  5. Very crisp screen
  6. Uses the actual arcade rom
  7. Great sound
  8. High score retention
  9. Can run the machine with the charge cable if battery is depleted.
  10. Li-On Battery power


  1. Battery life appears to be about 2 hours on a charge.
  2. Controls could be a little difficult for larger hands.
  3. Appears the battery cannot be easily replaced.

Overall I am really enjoying this Centipede Replicade, its the next best thing to actually owning the full size machine.  New Wave Toys next offerings are Tempest and Street Fighter, more information can be found at their website

MSRP: $160

Rating: (4 out of 5 Mini-Cades)

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