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Some of my favorite video games growing up were the Wing Commander series.  Origin Systems, Inc released the first Wing Commander game for PC back in 1990, and it has been ported to multiple gaming platforms. Wing Commander was a groundbreaking space combat simulator that has spawned many sequels, novels, action figures, a movie, and even a TV series. The Wing Commander series takes place in the 27th century and tell the story of humanity’s war against the Kilrathi  (a large feline alien species).

Origin Systems, Inc who was best known for their Ultima series and Wing Commander series developed their last game Ultima IX: Ascension in 1999.  Electronic Arts had taken over the Wing Commander rights and had released Wing Commander Arena for XBLA in 2007.  Wing Commander Arena plays completely different than the first person flight simulator style game play that is typical of previous Wing Commander titles.





On March 22, 2012 a group of developers, many from Origin Systems, Inc, released Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn available for both PC and eventually Mac.   The story coincides with Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, and took ten years to develop.  Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn contains two campaigns and truly is a project of love for the original series.  For more information about Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn, and to download the game to play, visit





Wing Comander Saga: The Darkest Dawn Trailer

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