Visiting Barcade Arcade

  Gamester visits Barcade which is a bar and arcade in one located in Jersey City, NJ. They have a lot of retro arcade games, as well as a bunch of microbrews. Watch in 3D with any red/blue 3D glasses:

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Black Friday Video Game Deals 2011

This years Black Friday deals have a lot to offer to those gamers who live in the US. This especially holds true if you are in the market to purchase a new game console. Some of the year’s top rated …

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Happy Birthday Xbox

It’s a bit hard to believe that ten years ago today on November 15th 2001 Microsoft released the now “original” Xbox system.  It was Microsoft’s first foray into the home console gaming market, and damn was it a great start! …

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Digital Press Videogame Store

Gamester81 visits Digital Press Videogames located in Clifton, NJ.  Digital Press carries a variety of retro and modern games and is a gamer’s paradise. Digital Press’ website: Freddy’s (78StriderStrikesBack) Channel:

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