This Week in Gaming News for 1/28/12

News for the week of January 28th 2012, Xbox 720, EA Online Pass and Wii-U Name Change.

Hello readers!  As we near down to the end of January some of this weeks gaming news has begun to dry up.  From Xbox 720 rumors to more of EA’s “Online Pass” codes, this week in gaming news will surely have fans in an uproar.

The first bit of news goes to Microsoft and the rumors that are currently speculating around the internet on behalf of the future launch of the Xbox 720.
A rumor has been going around on the internet that the Xbox 720 will have Blu-Ray support, will include a PowerPC CPU, Built in Kinect 2 and a feature that will ban used games to be played on the system. 
Likely hood of any of these? Most likely pretty slim, with Sony owning the rights to Blu-Ray and being one of Microsoft’s biggest competitors, it seems very unlikely that Microsofts new console will see the use of Blu-Ray in the near future, that is unless Sony pulls out of the console race in the future…which hopefully is unlikely.
Another is that the  system will feature the ability to block used games to be played on the Xbox 720, this is the most unlikely feature that will be available on the newest system from Microsoft as not only would the large chain game stores most likely cut support of the 720 but the out cry from gamers will be far too loud for the software giant to suppress.
 Lastly, is the probability that the 720 will include a new version of the Kinect and that it will include a PowerPC CPU.
The likely hood that the Xbox 720 will have a new version of the Kinect is very real as Microsoft has expressed concern and interest in developing a new and improved Kinect for the Xbox but the odds of it being released with the new Xbox is very real, the odds of it being released at the time of the new Xbox console are very slim however as Microsoft will most likely be shipping the Kinect 2 in the near future, which will work with the Xbox 360.
Now we all remember the beloved PowerPC CPU craze that hit the Apple market, the vast majority of Apple computers had PowerPC CPU’s and while a dependable processor indeed, it simply did not stack against the technology that companies like Intel could produce and the near hint that the 720 will include a PowerPC CPU seems very low, but the fact that IBM is the major manufacture of the PowerPC CPU and that IBM has also developed parts for both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360,  it is very likely that we could see the future in CPU’s coming from IBM, if they get their act together and prove that they have what it takes to go against other companies like Motorola or Intel.
And hey, you may start seeing those abandoned IBM buildings all around your neighborhood finally being put to use again!

 Next up in this weeks gaming news is all about the almighty king kong of gaming, EA.
With the upcoming release of the mildly anticipated (though I am looking forward to it) Action/RPG Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning, EA recently released a small bit of information about their online pass for KOA: Reckoning.
EA stated that “Reckoing will feature a online pass that will allow people who purchased the game new to unlock the single player “House of valor” which will include 7 additional single player quest along with (tie-in armor) Mass Effect 3 when it releases”.
It’s to be noted as well that Kingdoms of Amalur does not include any type of actual online features other than DLC, it is strictly an online title and there for EA calling this pass an “Online Pass” seems rather, confusing right?
Some may think so and some may think that this is a fantastic idea, that EA is going to reward customers who buy the game new with additional features.
The reality check is that those so called “special” features are already in the game, you are just simply unlocking them.
A bold move by EA to squeeze every last dime out of consumers and retailers but none the less they do have full control of their title and while I do respect that they are rewarding people for buying a new copy of the game, I am however not content with the fact that we are just unlocking content that is already on the disc…a pass like this should have been used to unlock future DLC for free or at the very least, one free DLC of the users choice.

Nothing says “Thank You!” like unlocking content that is already on the game you bought!

Lastly in news is the mighty “N” as in Nintendo in fact, we all love them no matter how dumb some of their choices have been in the past (or future) as Nintendo is part of what I call “gaming blood”.

Nintendo and it’s upcoming console, the Wii-U, might be getting a name change.
As some of you know, the Wii-U is slated for a Holiday 2012 release and has undergone many changes since it’s initial showing at E3.
From controller updates to hardware changes and to even network changes, the Wii-U is kicking up enough dirt that it’s begun to make some sizable noise in the gaming community.
Recently rumored on the lovely world wide web was that the Wii-U might be getting a name change.
Sources at CVG say that Nintendo told the site that the company is very serious about re-branding the upcoming console.
A move that shouldn’t come as shock to most as the Wii-U has undergone a massive attack on it’s homefront over the controversial name for it’s next console.
Some have expressed concern in that the name simply will push back sales as most consumers that aren’t hardcore gamers may become confused about the system and will simply think “but I already own a Wii, why do I need a Wii-U?”
Which this could end up costing Nintendo much more money in the long run as they would have to spent a large portion of funds on a whole new marketing campaign to prove to the consumers that they Wii-U is not just the Wii with a new name or a few additional features.

 Along with the announcement from CVG, Nintendo has openly expressed concerns about the reaction from fans.

Fans everywhere expressed concerns that the name was just simply “too unoriginal” or that people would see zero incentive to buy the new system as most of the marketing behind the Wii-U was identical to the Wii.
If Nintendo were to rename the Wii-U we would be seeing history all over again as the Wii was original named the Revolution and then later named the Wii in 2006, which drew mixed reaction from critics.
If Nintendo plans to be more much than a casual gamers choice in the console market, I think it really does need to rethink it’s entire marketing campaign as it could prove very detrimental to the launch, success and lifespan of the Nintendo Wii-U.

So how do YOU feel about EA’s online pass or the rumored features of the Xbox 720?If you had a chance to re-name the Wii-U, what would you call it?
Sound off on your comments below!

List of releases for the week of January 21-28, 2012
-Assassins Creed Revelations Mediterranean  Traveler DLC (PC/X360/PS3)
-King Arthur II: The Role Playing Wargame (PC)
-Victoria II: House Of The Divided (PC)-Quarrel (X360)
-Modern Warfare 3 Elite DLC Map’s (X360)

List of upcoming releases for the week of Jan/Feb 28-4, 2012
-Final Fantasy XIII-2 (X360/PS3)
-Never Dead (X360/PS3)
-Soul Caliber V (X360/PS3)
-Rhythm Party (X360-Kinect Only)
-Bioshock 2 (MAC)
-Dead Island: Ryder White DLC (Jan 31st PS3) (Feb 1st for PC/X360)

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