Nintendo announces the new Nintendo 2DS System



Last week Nintendo revealed their newest system; the Nintendo 2DS due out October 12, 2013.  The 2DS is compatible with all current 3DS games, as well as the nearly 1,300 DS game library.  What makes the 2DS different than the 3DS is that as the name would imply, it can only display games in 2D (like playing a 3DS with the 3D turned permanently off).   Many people have been critical of the design for the new 2DS, which lays flight and cannot be closed like the 3DS and previous DS models can.  The 2DS’s screen sizes are upper: 3.53″, and lower 3.02″, which is nearly on par with the original 3DS model screen sizes (upper: 3.5″, lower: 3″).

The Nintendo 2DS comes with a 4GB memory card with 2GB internal flash memory (1.5 GB usable).  It charges with the same AC adapter as both the 3DS and 3DS XL, and will be available in two colors; “Electric Blue” and “Crimson Red”.   Nintendo will release the 2DS at a retail price of $129, making it more affordable to play 3DS titles.  Currently Nintendo is retailing the 3DS at $169 and the 3DS XL at $199.

The 3DS’s sales were initially slower than expected for Nintendo when the system first came out, however with a releases of some strong game titles including Luigi’s Mansion and the upcoming Zelda: Link Between Worlds (sequel to Link to the Past), sales for the 3DS have been strong.  Nintendo’s intent is to market the 2DS to the 10 and under audience, yet their promo video shows adults playing the 2DS as well.

Reception so far for the 2DS has been lukewarm at best.  Many people feel the design isn’t user friendly because it doesn’t fold, and people feel that the 2DS is reverting back to what the DS was.  People also feel that some games that were designed in 3D may not display as well on the 2D screen.

What do you feel about the 2DS?  Do you plan on picking on up?

Nintendo 2DS

What do you think about the Nintendo 2DS?

I like it and think it’s a good idea.
I think it looks terrible.
I’m indifferent.