Nintendo Power Time Machine – Issue #4

In the January/February 1989 issue gamers finally got the spread on: Zelda 2.  The game had been delayed forever… but this issue also featured Metal Gear and Marble Madness.  Other cool things in this episode are Bill and Ted, the PlayChoice 10, the Nintendo Cereal System, Julian Lennon, the Bionic Freakbots, and Scott Bakula.  ???  Let’s go!

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About NESComplex

Chris “NESComplex” has been blasting aliens and saving princesses since he was seven. His first gaming memory is “hitting a white dot into a rainbow wall” in Atari’s Breakout, but his passion began when he was given a Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas in 1987. Exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule, and Planet Zebes opened his eyes to the possibilities of video games! While his videos focus primarily on nostalgia for NES games and Nintendo Power Magazine, references to classic 80’s toys, television shows, and movies abound as well. Be warned: You may start feeling nostalgic for the 80’s whether you remember them or not! Chris began making videos so that he could make friends who share his passion for retro games, entertain his fellow gamers, and (most of all) have fun! While he loves the past, he is still and avid gamer who hangs on the razor edge of the industry. Favorite Systems: SNES, NES, GBA, XBOX 360, and Nintendo 64 Favorite Games: Super Metroid (hands down!), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Fallout 3, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Super Mario 64, Shadow of the Colossus