Nintendo Power Volume #2

Nintendo Power Volume #2

Published: September/October 1988

Cost: $3.50


Bionic Commando (6-17):  Nintendo Power Volume #2 features a twelve page overview on Bionic Commando that includes a walkthrough of the whole game.

Life Force (18-23):  It steps through both the Cell and Volcanic Stages providing ten points (tips) for each stage.

Simon’s Quest (Castlevania II) (24-37):  This section features a detailed step by step guide from the beginning of the game to Brahm’s Mansion.  It also includes a fold out map of the ancient land of Transylvania.


Bionic Comando

Super Mario Bros. 2 (41-49):  Includes an overview of Worlds 3-1 to 3-3, and showing both hidden items and how to defeat enemies.

Renegade (50-53): Goes over Stages 1-3.

R.C. Pro-Am (54-59): Shows tracks 1-7.

Classified Information (60-62):  In this section Nintendo gives away special secrets to some classic Nintendo games.  The games mentioned in Volume #2 include: Kid Niki, Renegade, and Kid Icarus.

Howard & Nester Comic (63):  In this second Howard & Nester cartoon strip Nester tries to impress some kids with his video game knowledge and strategy tips when Howard calls him out for looking at a Nintendo Power for the tips.



Counselors’ Corner (64-67):  This section is where Nintendo answers letters on how to pass areas on certain games.  The games included in this volume’s Counselors’ Corner are: The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Metroid, and Kid Icarus.

 More Features

Golgo 13 (68-73):  Features the characters, and shows pictures of different levels in the game.

Master Blaster (74-77):  This is a small section that briefly explains the story, game play, weapons, and enemies.

 Video Shorts (78-84): The Video Shorts section features recently released NES games.  Featured games include: Xenophobe, Seicross, Superman, Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom, Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf, 1943, Jackal, Hudson’s Adventure Island, and MagMax

There is also a feature highlighting some classic NES titles ported from arcade games. These titles include: Donkey Kong Classics, Pac-Man, Defender II, Millepede, Joust, Xevious, and Galaga.

Pak Watch (85-87): Has the list of upcoming games with a paragraph briefly explaining each game.  Games include: Link, Ghostbusters, Paperboy, Mickey Mouse, Tecmo Bowl, Wrestlemania, Star Trek, Racket Attack, Track & Field II, Friday the 13th/Nightmare on Elm Street, John Elway’s Quarterback, Anticipation, Bubble Bobble, California Games/Skate or Die, Sesame Street Series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Robocop.

Contest (88-89): Fill out the “Player’s Poll” and you could win the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize (1)-Ten NES games of your choice
  • First Prize (5)-Win a 14” scale quick drive radio control model car
  • Second Prize (10)-Win a copy of R.C. Pro-Am
  • Third Prize (50)-Win an exclusive Nintendo Power Jersey

NES Journal (92-95): Features pop culture news during September and October of 1988.

  • Introducing the Power Set
  • Story about a fairly new gaming company called Rare LTD.
  • Top Movie: Dirty Dancing
  • Top TV Show: Knightwatch
  • The “Celebrity Profile” page interviews athletes Eric Dickerson, Ron Morris, and Sean Jones.  They all talk about what video games they like to play.

Mail Box (96-97): Letters written to Nintendo.  Here is an example of one letter:

 “Dear Nintendo,

 A few months ago, my mother said how sometimes her life was monotonous.  I told her, ‘Why don’t you play games on the Nintendo Entertainment System?’  She said, ‘What difference would it make?’ The next day she tried and ever since that she has been beaming aliens, turtles bopping, punching wrestlers, knocking out boxers, designing courses (tracks), racing cars, saving royal maidens, defeating monsters, etc.

Thank you,

Edward Charlotin

Linden, NJ”

NES Achievers (98-99):  This section is a score board showing the high scores.

 Top 30 NES Games for July/August 1988 (102-103):

  1. The Legend of Zelda
  2. Mike Tyson’s PUNCH-OUT!!
  3. Metroid
  4. Super Mario Bros.
  5. Kid Icarus
  6. Double Dragon
  7. Ice Hockey
  8. R.C. Pro-Am
  9. Rad Racer
  10. R.B.I. Baseball
  11. Contra
  12. Castlevania
  13. Goonies II
  14. Mega Man
  15. Pro Wrestling
  16. Double Dribble
  17. Zelda II
  18. Top Gun
  19. Rambo
  20. Renegade
  21. Wizards & Warriors
  22. Ikari Warriors
  23. Baseball
  24. Rygar
  25. Excitebike
  26. Kung Fu
  27. Kid Niki
  28. Super Mario Bros. 2
  29. Zanac
  30. Pinball
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